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School Improvement Plan

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School Improvement Plan Overview 2022-25

Our School Improvement Plan is split into six key aims that we intend to achieve over the next three years. Within each area there are multiple targets that will inform the detail of the actions we will take to achieve each aim.

We will monitor our progress against our targets regularly and our governing body will hold us to account for achieving our targets. We will review our plan yearly to ensure it remains fit for purpose and will add/amend targets as necessary to address any emerging needs of our school.


The detailed targets within each section of our plan can be found here:  School-Improvement-Plan-targets-overview-2022-25-2.pdf

Longer term overview  2021-26

Our new three year School Improvement Plan sits within a wider overview of what we aim to achieve over five years:  Blatchington-Mill-School-School-Improvement-Plan-Overview-2021-26.pdf