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B&H Schools Athletics Success

We’re so proud of a number of our students who competed in the Brighton & Hove Schools Athletics competitions last week!

The week began with our year 9 and 10 senior teams heading to Withdean Stadium on Monday 13th June. The teams competed extremely well in very challenging conditions and did themselves and the school proud in what was a very high standard meeting. We had some great team and individual performances.

In the year 9 girls competition Carmen won the discus, Isla was 2nd in the 800m, and our relay team (Isla, Ottilee, Maisy & Eva) also finished 2nd. Ottilee also finished 4th in the high jump, her first ever attempt at the event!

Y9 town sports 2

In the boys competition Spike was 1st in the discus, Ethan won the 300m and the relay team (Harry P, Harry J, Luca W & Kai P) also finished 1st. There were 2nds in the shot for Abdul, Alfie in the high jump, and Glenis in the 80m hurdles. Special mention though has to go to John L who broke the under 14 long jump record only to see it broken just 2 jumps later. That wasn’t a problem for John as he went and broke it again, jumping an impressive 5.8m - well done John!

Overall in year 9 the team finished 2nd with the girls 6th and the boys runners up.

The year 10s had some excellent successes too. Carmen ML won the discus, and Max W won the high jump as well as coming 2nd in the hurdles. Frankie D’C won the triple jump jumping an impressive 9.96m, and Frankie also finished 3rd in the hurdles despite a fall, and then helped the relay team to 2nd place in their heat behind a very strong Newman team. The boys’ relay team finished 2nd overall. Our girls’ relay team was: Libby R, May I, Sadie P & Frankie. Our boys’ relay team was: Max W, Archie H, Kobe A & Charlie C.

Y10 town sports 2

Other year 10 podium places went to Libby who came 2nd in the 300m, Liv T who came 2nd in the shot, Freya who came 3rd in the long jump and Marnie B who came 3rd in the 800m. However, the biggest cheer of the day went to Solly A-H who won a gruelling 1500m steeplechase in the searing heat, a truly amazing effort!

Overall the boys came 2nd and the girls came 3rd in an excellent set of results for our students. The year 9s & 10s also brought home a winner’s trophy in the boys throws plus silver medals in the boys relay, overall relay and a bronze finish in the girl’s jumps.
Congratulations, well done and thanks to all our athletes!

On Wednesday 15th June it was the turn of the Year 7s and 8s! Once again the students represented the school brilliantly with some excellent performances.

Thomas S stole the show for the year 7s with a first place in the 150m in a time of 19.83s. He also came 3rd in the shot and helped the relay team reach 4th place. Podium places went to Lisa X who came 2nd in the Discus, Claudia H-B who came 2nd in the Javelin, and Jess B who came 3rd in the Shot. This gave us 1st place in the year 7 girls Throws Cup!

Also in year 7, Nina C got a bronze medal in the 150m, along with Tom Baker who also took a bronze medal position in discus. We also had 4th positions in the 600m & Long Jump - Lily C, 1000m - Tom W & Daisy E and the boys 4 x 100m relay team (Thomas S, Aryav D, Tom W & Ty J da G). Along with the girls Throws Cup 1st place we also got a 2nd place in the boys Throws Cup. The year 7 girls finished equal 2nd overall and the boys equal 3rd. Combined, the boys & girls team finished 4th overall!

Y7 town sports 2

In year 8 there were excellent successes for Toby A in the 100m and the high jump - he finished 1st in both events! Jaiten B also came 1st in the long jump.

We had plenty of year 8 medal finishes with Lily K in the 75m, Isla Cairns in the Shot, Izzy C in the Javelin, Ashley T in the 80m, Matthew P in the long jump, and the boys’ relay team (Lucas M-C, Jacob M-C, Omar S and Nico C) all taking home a silver medal.

Bronze medal finishes went to Elsie T in the discus, Omar S in the 1500m, Jacob M-C in the 300m, Lucas M-C in the 200m and also the girls’ relay team (Jaiten, Jess M, Amber J & Kit M). Overall the girls were 1st in the Jumps & Throws Cups and 3rd in the relay cup. The boys were 1st overall in the Jumps Cup, 2nd in the relay cup and 3rd in the Throws cup. The boys final overall placing was 2nd and the girls 3rd.

The year 8 combined boys & girls team finished 2nd and finally the years 7 & 8 combined boys & girls teams finished 2nd.

Y8 town sports 2

We’re absolutely delighted with the number of excellent results for individuals and the teams! A special well done and thanks to all those who performed in events that they had never competed in before.

A big shout out goes to all of our staff and our excellent Sports Leaders who helped PE staff run the long jump competition on both days - we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you Erin G, Lexi C, Hiba H & Lily N, Hugo H, Isolda R, Archie C, Alfie R, Jish F and Louis O.

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Full team lists:

Year 7 Team: Izzy O, Claudia H-B, Lola L, Nina C, Daisy E, Lily C, Jess B, Lisa X, Aryav D, Daniel F, Ty J da G, Hayden B, Thomas S, Robbie S, Tom W, Theo W, Tom B, Fred B, Danny M and Aras E-Z.
Year 8 Team: Lily K, Kit M, Amber J, Rosie R, Jess M, Sophia H, Maria M, Mars P, Jaiten B, Isla C, Elsie T, Izzy C, Ashley T, Jacob M-C, Lucas M-C, Nico C, Toby A, Harry B, Matthew P, Matthew P, Henry A, Sam C and Omar S.
Year 9 Team: Glenis H, Harry P, Luca W, Charlie L, Ethan M, Henry Y, John L, Alfie-Ray R, Spike J, Abdul RA, Jim M, Eva ZD, Maisy W, Olivia F, Isla P, Lyla M, Ottilee G, Carmen ML, Gemima M, Gabriel ML and Elodie B.
Year 10 Team: Freya J, Frankie D’C, May I, Libby R, Marnie B, Sadie P, Liv T, Portia S, Max W, Charlie C, Kobe A, Seth M, Luca B, Zach R-C, Archie H, Solly A-H, Evan T, Tae M and Huw C.