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Blatch Students' One Show Appearance

Blatch is delighted to share that two of our students appeared on The One Show over half term! Elodie and Mireille were featured due to their excellent book reviews and creative book trailers that they’ve been sharing on TikTok.

Their book trailers in particular have encouraged other young people to pick up books, and author Jacqueline Wilson even commented on the girls’ work, saying: ‘I think it’s a very clever way of doing things, a very modern way too; it shows that reading doesn’t have to be a very niche thing, it can be for everybody, especially young people - I’m proud of you girls!’ And we’re proud of them too - well done, Elodie and Mireille!

You can watch the episode of The One Show at this link (they appear 12 mins in):

Elodie Mireille