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Blatch's Week of Action

Blatchington Mill has been a hive of activity this week as our students have been busy taking part in our Week of Action! 

Tasked with either raising money for our chosen charities or taking part in an activity that benefits our local community, our students have impressed us with their enthusiasm and creativity as they’ve worked together to put their ideas into action.

When it comes to raising money, our students have been busy running bake sales, jewellery sales, and book sales, as well as taking part in sponsored walks, football matches, and basketball tournaments! All money raised will be split equally between Off the Fence, Emmaus Brighton, and the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal


jewellerysale bakeoff


Meanwhile, other students have been undertaking a huge number of tasks in order to positively impact our local community. These include organising food bank appeals, litter picking, creating care packages for refugee children, and even visiting local care homes to deliver cakes and cards to the residents.


Even closer to home, a number of form groups have been working around the school site to make the school environment a cleaner, greener place. This has involved clearing our ‘wild’ quad, as well as planting vegetables in our allotment and wild seeds around the school site. Some form groups have also been involved in creating pieces of art, including murals and painted pebbles, that will spread messages of positivity to our school community.

pebblepainting murals1 murals2

wildquad1 wildquad2

litterpicking2 litterpicking1

Some of our form groups have also been taking part in reflective activities, taking a moment out of the week to consider those less fortunate, or who have suffered at the hands of others. For example, one form group walked to the local Chattri Memorial, having researched its historical significance beforehand and reflecting on the relevance it bears in today's world. Another group of students will be taking part in a Sleep Out at Blatch while considering the challenges faced by the homeless in our local community.


It has been so wonderful to see our students embracing our Week of Action, and we would like to thank our staff and parents and carers for supporting them in their activities and giving so generously to their fundraising efforts. So far we have raised over £2,600 through our GoFundMe page, and we look forward to being able to reveal our grand total amount of money raised once everything has been counted up from across our various events!