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Equipment and Uniform for Students

Detailed information on the Equipment and Uniform requirements at Blatchington Mill can be found on the Uniform and Equipment Page.


EduLink One 

EduLink One is our online system for parents and students to access information including attendance, timetable, behaviour and reports. 

1. Please use this link to request your username and set your password: EduLink One Password Setting

You may be prompted for the school ID. This is BMS.

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Click on ‘RESET LOGIN’ shown below:

Please note: The ‘Log in with Google’ option is for staff and student use only.

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2. Enter the email address that you have provided to the school.

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3. You will be sent an email that contains your username and a link to set a password for your account.

4. Once you have your username and password, you will be able to access the EduLink One website:

5. (OPTIONAL) If you wish to download the app for your mobile device, please follow the following links:


sQuid Online Payment Portal

As advised, our new online payment provider from September 2023 is sQuid which will be used for our cashless catering accounts and for payments for items such as trips, Chromebook repairs and revision guides. Any existing balances will be transferred to sQuid shortly.

The Primary Contact of each student will receive an email with registration details for their child before the start of this Autumn term. If you have more than one child in school, you will receive separate registration details for each one and will need to add them to your sQuid account individually. You can already set up an account with sQuid in preparation of receiving your child's registration details. You may already have a sQuid account if you have children in other schools in which case you can use the existing account.

Information specific to the use of sQuid at Blatchington Mill can be found on this page.

Further information on how to set up your account and register your children with sQuid can be found on their Support page. Please note the page contains some references to sQuid Cards which Blatchington Mill School do not use.

Any existing catering balances have been transferred to sQuid, balances for any non-catering items that have not been paid for in full will appear in sQuid shortly.

To allow more than one person to top up your child's account, please refer to sQuid instructions for their "Friends & Family" feature that is outlined further down this sQuid support page.



Parents' Evening System

Use Parents' Evening System to book appointments with your child's teachers. We will let you know when a Parents' Evening is scheduled for your children and you can login via the Parents' Evening Login Page.


Sickness and Absence reporting via Studybugs

You can use Studybugs to inform the school about your child being absent from school for medical reasons and you will need to register an account on their site ( Alternatively you can leave a message with the school by telephoning 01273 206874 or by sending a text message to 07860 055 853.


Systems for Students

Information concerning Systems for Students can be found here.