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At Blatch we want our students to have high expectations of their own learning, and understand their responsibility in fulfilling these. This learning should take place both in the classroom and at home.

To support this aim we will provide high quality homework and also help develop student resilience and support independent learning.

From studying the research:

What To Expect 

Students will be set homework regularly. Students in Year 7 should expect one hour per day while students in Years 8 to 11 should expect up to two hours per day.

Homework will include but is not limited to:

We will ensure that students receive feedback on their homework. This feedback could be whole class, individual, self assessed or peer assessed.

Working Together

In order to ensure that homework is as effective as possible we must all play our part.

Teachers - will set high-quality homework, linked to schemes of learning and will feedback on it.

Students - will complete their homework to the best of their ability.

Parents/ carers - will take responsibility for providing the right environment and correct type of support to ensure homework is completed.

In School Provision

We know that it is not always possible at home to provide the right environment and support so we want students to be able to access these in school.

We have two spaces open every evening after school from 3 to 4.30pm for students to complete their homework. The RIC is available for KS3 students and the Open Learning Area for KS4 students. These are quiet spaces staffed by teachers and Chromebooks are available for student use.

Staff are there to support students learning and to support understanding and completion of homework. They will liaise with subject staff and parents where necessary.