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Uniform Policy

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all members of the Blatch community. Our guiding principles for the uniform are: value for money, durability and comfort. 

Tutors will check that the correct Uniform is being worn. If there are temporary problems concerning the wearing of the correct school uniform, a note of explanation to the Tutor is required from a parent/carer.

Buying School Uniform

School Uniform can be purchased online from the Khalsa Schoolwear website

We have a stock of ties that can be purchased in school from the finance office.

Uniform Guidelines

The school uniform is gender neutral and where a choice of items is applicable these are available to all students. Primarily this may affect skirts, trousers, and shorts. The uniform is the same for all year groups and consists of a school jumper, shirt, tie, and a choice of skirt, trousers or (in the summer term only) shorts.

Item Guidance
Shoes Black formal/dress shoes.Shoes with a high heel are not acceptable and all boots, including ankle boots are not permitted. Canvas shoes or trainers are not permitted. No logos on shoes are permitted.
Socks Plain black or dark grey socks.White or coloured socks are not acceptable. Socks over tights of different colour are not acceptable.
Tights Plain black, grey or flesh-coloured tights.
Other coloured or patterned tights are not acceptable.
Skirts Grey skirt, purchasable from Khalsa Schoolwear.
Skirts must be worn at full length and should rest on or below the knee.
No other styles or makes of skirt except the school skirt are acceptable.
Trousers Plain dark grey formal trousers purchasable from Khalsa Schoolwear or other retailer which meets specifications.
Chinos are not permitted. Trousers should be worn at full length and not rolled up.
Shorts Plain dark grey formal shorts purchasable from Khalsa Schoolwear or other retailer which meets specifications are permitted in the Summer term only.
Shirt and tie Formal white shirt with a collar. Shirt should be tucked in.
BMS school tie – maroon / silver striped.
Jumper Grey V-neck jumper with maroon stripe and BMS logo purchasable from Khalsa Schoolwear.
No non-school jumpers allowed, including hoodies. Only school grey v-neck jumpers are permitted.
Headscarves Where headscarves are worn as a religious observance, they must be plain black, grey or maroon.
Patterned headscarves are not acceptable.

We have provided clarification on footwear to support parents in ensuring their children have the correct shoes: please click here

Further guidance:

A school bag large enough to carry an A4 folder is required.

Earrings, if worn, should be one small earring per ear. Large earrings, nose-studs and other piercings are not permitted.

A necklace can be worn but should not be seen.

One small ring may be worn. Large rings are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

Bracelets cannot be worn in school and need to be removed. 

Make-up, including lashes, if worn, should be minimal. 

PE Kit

Compulsory Items: