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Friends at Blatch

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What is Friends at Blatch?

Friends at Blatch is our community association, run by volunteer parents and carers who generously donate their time to raise funds to support the school and help to enrich the school experience for pupils.


FAB has worked incredibly hard over the past few years to raise money for our school, providing the means to purchase PE equipment, water fountains, Chromebooks, etc.

At the moment, FAB is raising money to help improve the outdoor space at school with more seating and planting. We also help to match any fundraising done by the Year 11 students for their prom to reduce the overall cost for all students.

FAB has also been paramount in enabling some of the extra-curricular activities provided and has supported the school in ensuring that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are able to access these opportunities.


All Blatchington Mill parents and carers are automatically members of FAB, but how involved you get is completely up to you!

FAB meetings are held every term at Blatch and usually run for an hour. These meetings are a great opportunity to get involved in school life and share any fundraising ideas you may have. We also have occasional social catch-ups outside of school.

FAB regularly provide refreshments during school concerts, shows and events. This provides a great opportunity to meet other parents and staff members and become an integral part of the school community.

We are always happy to see new faces and always appreciate volunteers. Even if it is only for one event a year, it is a massive help and the more volunteers we have, the easier it is and the more ambitious we can be!

For more information on upcoming FAB events you can email or to find out more and be added to our WhatsApp group.