Year 7 Transition Advice

Monday, 16 April 2018

As we head into the summer term here at Blatch we’re already thinking ahead to the autumn term when we’ll be welcoming 330 new year 7 students! The transition from primary to secondary school can be a really daunting prospect for many students but here at Blatch we want to make the process as smooth as possible for all involved.

In order to convince our incoming students that Blatch really isn’t that scary, we asked our current year 7’s to write down any advice, tips or words of encouragement that they could offer to next year’s year 7’s. Here are some of their thoughts:


“When you go to Blatch you make loads of friends”

“The teachers and other students were really welcoming and they've really helped me come out of my shell”

“The PE activities are really good”

“The teachers are very supportive, especially your form tutor”

“Milly Blatch (the school dog) is so cute!”

“There are a lot of people to make friends with”

“You can have a fresh start”

“The teachers are very nice and kind”

“The food is amazing!”

“I love this school and I really feel like we are one big family.”

“Everyone is really welcoming and they make you feel happy to be there!”

“It's easier to find your way around than you think.”

“You have loads of choice of food and it's all delicious”

“This school is awesome!”

“The older students helped me get to class on time.”

“The teachers are extremely kind”

“I love the unique subjects”

“In design, food tech and textiles, you are allowed to use tools to create amazing things”

“The people here are positive and friendly”

“I really like the year 7 quad”

“There are loads of clubs to attend whether you like school subjects or sport”

“I am so much more confident at Blatch”

“It's a very big school but don't worry, you get used to it”

“I have made so many new friends”

“You don't need to worry about anything because you will love it”

“The PE department at Blatch is amazing, so is Drama”

“Everyone will always accept you as their friend”

“I like using the astros at lunch”

“You can receive ‘passport points’ and get prizes!”

“At the start it was a bit nerve wracking but after a week or so it felt like home”

“The school is kind and creative”

“I go to school every morning with a smile on my face”

“Everyone is treated equally no matter what”