'What has gravity ever done for us?' - Year 7 Science Workshop

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Director of Brighton Science Festival, Richard Robinson and Jonathan Hare from BBC's 'Rough Science' who collaboratively run the ‘two-man science mission’ - Pocket Science Festival, visited year 7 science classes last week to run a hands-on workshop with students. The theme of the workshop was ‘What has gravity ever done for us?’ and is just one of many that will be running during the upcoming Brighton Science Festival.

Blatch Science teacher Miss Moore explained:

‘Together the students harnessed the incredible power of gravity and the physics of balancing to create mobiles - not the telephones, but the ones invented by artist Alexander Calder in 1931, which still entertain children and young people eighty years later.

One of his works sold for $6 million last month - who knows what our Year 7’s creations could be worth one day?’

One year seven student said: ‘it’s really fun to try to get our mobile to balance properly and see how gravity works. We were really happy when it finally balanced!’ Students made the mobiles using plasticine weights. One group even moulded their weights in to a surfer and a shark; others made mice chasing blocks of cheese!

The workshop was a snippet of what's to come in the Brighton Science Festival which officially begins on the 11th February until the 25th February and will hold various events in venues around the city. The Brighton Science Festival encourages young people to take an active interest in science and demonstrates the fun that can be had whilst learning. There will be over thirty talks and demonstrations from science communication experts.

For example, children and young people could visit Brighton Youth Centre to spend the morning learning in a hands-on way about crime scene investigation, or spend an afternoon at the University of Brighton learning about the science of magic and illusion. There’s even a workshop on ‘Grim Histories’ which is about grizzly science of Victorian murder! 

There will be something for everyone and it’s a great way to spend half term! To find out more about Brighton Science Festival visit: http://www.brightonscience.com/

Year 7 Science Workshop