UK Space Design Competition 2017

Monday, 04 December 2017

We were recently lucky enough to be able to send some of our students to the South England heat of the UK Space Design Competition, held at Bede’s School in Eastbourne. The Space Design Competition is a science and engineering challenge where teams are given a list of requirements for a space settlement and have a day to come up with a detailed design which they present to a panel of judges who include experts in the field and representatives of the UK Space Agency.

Sandile Ndawana, Year 10, wrote the following article about the day:

On the 18th of November Blatch’s finest aspiring scientist, artists and robotic engineers stepped into the world of wild endeavour to create a moon settlement for ‘The U.K Space Design Competition’, a science and engineering based challenge to design and develop a space-based infrastructure that requires complex, challenging, and imaginative thinking, leading to an increased interest in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. As the youngest team there, Blatch joined with Downlands and formed the company – “Spacebus Z”. Throughout the day we came up with many different ideas and showed professionalism, teamwork, and collaboration.

The students broke up into 4 areas: Automation, Human, Structural and Operations Engineering. They had to design what the settlement would look like using scientific analogy, thinking about waste products, energy, the settlers’ health and happiness and overall how it was going to be run – this all being set 70 years in the future. Jamie, Blatch’s youngest entrepreneur (Year 9), showed great diligence and confidence, along with Alex, Eva, Deanna, Evan, Jonny, Ben, Ollie, Finlay and two BHASIVC students who played a key part in the construction of the moon landing, all showing self-awareness but also supportiveness. Sandile was elected as president of the company and acted in an empowering, collaborative and enthusiastic manner and made a great leader.

Although stressful, at the end of the competition a presentation was given by the students which showed not only the full extent of knowledge they had learned by working as a team but the amazing creation they had made. Unfortunately, they didn’t win but they did extremely well against more experienced teams and are hoping to still go to the next round by submitting a video entry.

Well done to all of the students who took part in the competition and we wish them the best of luck with their video entry!