Systems for Parents and Carers

SIMS Parent

The SIMS Parent gives you access to information about your child/ren, including attendance, timetable, conduct, reports, calendar information and homework. Full details on the registration process for SIMS Parent is available on the Capita SIMS Parent Registration Page.

Once you have registered your account you can access SIMS Parent via an Internet Browser on your computer ( or by downloading the SIMS Parent App from the Apple or Google Store on your smart device.

Detailed help on using SIMS Parent is available from the Capita SIMS Parent Help Page.

SIMS Activities

We are introducing a new method of signing up to extra-curricular activities, be these trips, clubs or fixtures. This new facility is called SIMS Activities. If you have already registered for SIMS Parent you can access Activities using the same login details here SIMS Activities. Please note that there is no link directly to Activities currently from within the parent app.

If you have not yet registered for SIMS Parent then please contact the school and request a new invitation code.

Further information is available here: SIMS Activities Help Document.


SIMS Agora is a tool for making payments to the school to pay for Food and Trips. You will receive an invitation containing an activation code from the school via the email address the school holds for you to create a login for Agora. You can then register an account using an existing Google or Microsoft email address using the activation code we have sent you. Activation codes will expire 28 days after they are issued. Once you have an account you can login via the Capita SIMS Agora Login Page.

SIMS Agora is being renamed to SIMS Pay but login details will remain the same.

Parents Evening System

Use Parents Evening System to book appointments with your child's teachers. We will let you know when a Parents Evening is scheduled for your children and you can login via the Parent Evening Login Page.

Sickness/Absence via Studybugs

You can use Studybugs to inform the school about your child being absent from school for medical reasons and you will need to register an account on their site ( Alternatively you can leave a message with the school by telephoning 01273 206874 or by sending a text message to 07860 055 853.


Systems for Students

SIMS Student

SIMS Student allows students to see the homework tasks set for them by their Teacher. Access is given in a similar way to the SIMS Parent application and students are sent an invitation to sign up using their school G-mail account.

Full details on the registration process for SIMS Student is available on the Capita SIMS Student Page.

Once you have registered your account you can access SIMS Student via an Web Browser on your computer ( or by downloading the SIMS Student App from the Apple or Google Store on your smart device.

Email and Google Tools

All students have a school email account of the type [email protected] with the same password they use to login at School. They can access this mail account via a GMail login Page. Once logged on to their School Google Account they have access to a range of Google Tools and the School file store called Google Drive via the Google Apps link.

Resources required by students to complete homework can be found in Google Drive. Students should log in to Google Drive, and then navigate to Team Drives, followed by Homework Resources for Students or click here.


Firefly is an online learning platform that brings together Teachers and Students. Students can use Firefly to view teaching resources. You can access Firefly through your PC/Mac or via a mobile device through Apps such as Student Planner (Note the School code for Student Planer is BMS). Each curriculum area also has a Firefly page containing schemes of learning, revision tools and useful resources for learning at home. You can login at using the primary email address supplied by the School.


BMS 360 is an online information centre for Students and Staff. You can login on to BMS 360 using the same login details they use to login to PCs at School. BMS 360 gives you access to files and documents on the school network account. You can login to 360 at


Blatchington Mill has a bespoke rewards scheme for good behaviour and results which is delivered via a system called Passport. Teachers generate points in Passport for good progress and behaviour and Students spend those points on a variety of items available on Passport.

Biometric System

The School uses a Biometric System (Finger print reader) to identify Students and Staff and allow them to spend money from their accounts in the Canteen. The system is also used to allow them the collect printouts and make copies from the Schools Multi-Function Print Devices.


Kerboodle works alongside your course textbooks to create a truly blended learning solution. Packed with customisable learning content, assessment materials and reporting tools, Kerboodle allows you to seamlessly integrate quality digital resources into your classroom.


Provides access to over 3,500 audio-visual podcasts that can be watched on mobile devices, tablets and PCs. Designed to squeeze exactly the right knowledge you need for exam success into short 3-5 minutes chunks. Helps you with learning, homework and revision.


A Micro Librarian System that gives access to an engaging online library for students and staff.


MyMaths is an interactive online teaching and homework website for schools that builds pupil engagement and consolidates maths knowledge.


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