Sixth Form Exam Success 2018

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Blatchington Mill students have accomplished superb results – with key measures showing that the results are the best the college has achieved in the last 20 years.

The college has achieved a 100% pass rate, secured better-than-expected progress for all students on A Level and BTEC courses, and has ensured that disadvantaged students, as well as those with special educational needs, have outperformed expectations and their peers.

It is the first time the college has secured a pass rate of 100% for Blatchington Mill students - a major achievement, and a testament to the hard work and endeavour of all students and staff. It is an improvement from the 97% pass rate in 2017 and 96% in 2016.

Value-added scores are used to measure student progress from the point where they began their course to when they receive their final grade. These are compared nationally, and help to assess the overall college performance in academic and vocational subjects. In both areas the college has achieved positive value-added, of +0.02 and +0.62 respectively, meaning that students achieved better grades than may have been expected when they started the courses. The average grade achieved by all students was a high C. The breakdown of all grades was 21% A*-B, 57% A*-C and 100% A*-E.

Disadvantaged students performed superbly, with a 100% pass rate, and value added scores of +0.28 for academic subjects and +1.12 for vocational courses. Equally impressive were the outcomes for students with special educational needs, who again secured a 100% pass rate, and value added scores of +0.37 for academic subjects and +0.62 for vocational courses. This means that all students who had a barrier to learning, either through disadvantage or through specific learning needs, made better progress than other students nationally.

These results come as the college completes the process of closure, with the final year of courses at Blatchington Mill Sixth Form set to run in 2018-19.

Headteacher Ashley Harrold was full of praise for both students and staff “All of the staff and students at Blatchington Mill have worked incredibly hard for this success and I am so happy for them and proud of them. It is an unusual time for the college, with the decision to close from 2019 already made, but our commitment was clear that all students in the college would receive the very best education possible, and the college would close on a high. What is so pleasing is to see the students ready for the next stage in their lives, whether they are now entering employment, beginning an apprenticeship or starting a course at university. It makes me particularly proud to note that disadvantaged students and those with special educational needs outperformed national expectations and made better progress than other students. Education should be transformative to young people’s lives, and give them access to future opportunities, and in helping these students flourish our teachers and support staff have done just that.”