Parent’s Update

Monday, 25 January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,
It has been a very busy and focused week in school. Students in exam groups are knuckling down to the targets they have set with teachers following the mock examinations, and students across the school are excited about the passport reward system that has been launched. We had a fantastic BlatchSix Parents’ Evening this week and are looking forward to Year 11 Parents’ Evening next week.

I’ve been in form groups in the morning this week looking at how students are finding the system and I’ve had some really positive conversations. It’s already helping students to better identify their own areas for development (“I need to do my Maths homework, Sir!” “Yes…”) and seems to be helping students see the value in the basics we ask for (punctuality, politeness, effort, resilience, etc.).

I met with our Senior Students for breakfast this week, along with the Deputy Heads, and had an excellent meeting discussing the school and their perspectives. They are finding that 50 minute lessons are now being really well structured to maximise concentration, and appreciating the pace of them. They like form time at the start of the day, although they’d like us to reconsider the content of form time activities – we’ll look to do so. They like Firefly and would appreciate more functionality from it.

We’re also making some adaptations to the break and lunchtime processes, opening up more spaces inside in the cold and wet weather; we’ll talk to students about this in form time.

Finally, our Leadership Team had a great meeting with the Leadership Team from Hove Park School this week. We looked to share best practice and ideas, particularly around how to raise teaching standards but considering staff workload. In short, how we could work smarter in order to get the best for all students in Hove. It was great to collaborate in this way and we hope for much more such work in the future.

Mr Harrold