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Careers Advice

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Careers Education Statement

Please click here for our Careers Education Statement [pdf]

Careers Information & Links

Are you in year 11 and thinking about what to do next?
Perhaps you are about to leave the sixth form and are considering further study or work?
Maybe you are choosing your GCSEs?

To make the best decision for you, you need to take time to do research, to try out what you think interests you and to speak to people who can help you understand your options.

At your school you have access to the independent Careers Advisor Miranda Glavin and her colleague Cathy Johns, through one to one guidance sessions, careers workshops and assemblies.

To help get you thinking first have a look at some of the sites and other suggestions recommended below as the more you know the better informed your decisions about your future will be. Also remember most education providers, employers and other organisations advertise opportunities (such as work experience, jobs, courses, apprenticeships) online so make sure you join the facebook and twitter accounts of any you come across that interest you. A good start is joining Miranda’s networks here – facebook and twitter.

The following websites will help inspire anyone feeling unexcited about their future and tell you more about working in lots of different areas as well as using different subjects. Think about the kinds of skills, knowledge and personalities suited to the different jobs you research and if they would suit you. Let’s get started…..

How do I Make Decisions?
Transition Time!

There are some important decisions to make in year 11 and 13. Your careers advisor can help you make decisions that are right for you. But before you meet with her it is a really good idea to first think through the following process:

careers 748

No ideas?

Don’t even know where to start? The following general sites will get you thinking.

ITEM NEEDED Great site for finding out about jobs and careers you might never have thought of! See for careers using different subjects and by different life decisions
The quick questionnaire will also give you some job ideas that might suit you. Lots of interesting videos of people working in different areas.
National Careers Service See a list of job families you can start to explore the different kinds of roles within certain areas.
Sector Guides This is created by Sussex University and it has some really useful information on different areas of work. If you click on a guide make sure you click on the sector overview, get jobs and experience and news and resources tabs to find out lots of current useful information.

Subject and Sector Specific

If you have some ideas of the areas that might interest you (maybe you’re a music fanatic or you love Chemistry experiments) then the following websites will help. They offer information either about particular areas of work (e.g. law) or a broad type of work (e.g. doing something with science).

So if you have some ideas of the kinds of areas that might interest you this is a good place to find out more. Also if you have a particular job in mind search it here to find out more about the necessary qualifications and what the job is like.

Animal and Veterinary Work
Armed Forces
Art and Design
Civil Aviation (Pilot)
Civil Service
Construction Industry
Creative Careers
Environmental and Land
Forensic Science
Hair and Beauty
Hospitality, Leisure, Transport and Tourism
Legal Services, Justice and Community Safety
Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Science
Media, TV, Radio, Film
Nursing and Midwifery
Police and Fire Services
Performing Arts
Science, Maths and Technology

Training and Learning - Different Routes

16 – 18

Remember there are different routes you can take after year 11.


Work and Voluntary Experience

For certain areas of work (such as medicine) experience in that field is essential. Work experience also helps: has lots of opportunities you can explore.

Speak to friends, family and local employers to see if they can help you gain experience. Remember all experience is worthwhile as it helps you learn more about what interests you. If you do enjoy your work or voluntary experience really think about what aspects you liked and equally if you didn’t consider what was it you didn’t like.