New Blatch Student Commissioners

Thursday, 07 November 2013

We are delighted to have appointed 5 new Blatch Commissioners after another successful application and interview process. The 5 students competed with their peers for places - showing great insight and determination to have an impact on their school and the world!

Anika, Maya, Natasha, Max, and Ava from Years 7-10 will examine how Blatch can improve our impact upon the environment. Max said, "I wanted to help the school be more eco friendly" whilst Maya added "I would like to raise awareness of how we can help the planet" but Ava summed up what being a Blatch commissioner is all about when she said "I hope to make a difference for the better". We are incredibly proud of the work of these students - the first venture will see them work with Global Action Plan and Southern Water to investigate ways in which we can reduce our water usage.