Health Commissioners

Monday, 07 March 2016

Dear Parents /Carers,
I wanted to write briefly to thank you for your input into the parental survey on the school uniform. We have now closed the survey and will analyse and reflect on the responses. We will then begin the next two phases with parental comments in mind. The next phase will involve a staff working group who will examine our rationale and the ethos behind our school uniform. The final phase will be to fully involve students in our decision making process and for any student with an active interest to have an input into any changes that are made, taking into account the parental and staff work that has gone before.

Thank you sincerely to those who took the time to respond.

I’d also like to say a public well done to the Student Health Commissioners, who last week researched, produced and delivered an extended assembly to Year 8 on using social media in a healthy way. It was watched by Kerry Clarke, the Strategic Commissioner for Young People and PH Schools Programme at Brighton & Hove, and she said “I was really impressed with the Health Commissioners today; they held such a large audience for such a long time because they had got the pitch right. Their research and presentation skill resulted in an extended assembly to their peers that, I am confident, will have taught them a lot.”

Personally, I’m very proud of these students for taking the lead on keeping their peers safe and healthy online – it’s a fantastic way of promoting our community focus on remaining safe and well.

Mr Harrold
Head Teacher