What is Firefly?

Firefly Login Page

Firefly is our online learning platform that brings together Teachers, Students and Parents/Carers. Students can use Firefly to view, complete and submit homework tasks as well as look at their school timetable. Each curriculum area also has a Firefly page containing schemes of learning, revision tools and useful resources for learning at home.

Parents/carers can use Firefly to view their child’s homework, progress and attendance, as well as keep up to date with school news and events. You can access Firefly through your PC/Mac at home and students can access the platform on a mobile device through Apps such as Student Planner (School Code is BMS).

Everyone in the school community can access Firefly including students, staff and parents/carers. Access is secured by user setup login details to ensure that the information is as secure as possible.

How do I access Firefly?

You can login at https://bms.fireflycloud.net using the primary email address held by the School. Please contact your Year Office or the Schools Reception to update this information. The link to the Firefly login page is available at the top of every page on our website. The first time you use it you must activate your account by selecting the green "logging in for the first time?" button.

If you forget your password you can reset it yourself by selecting the grey "forgotten password" link on the Firefly login page.

If you have problems accessing Firefly please contact the Firefly Support Team at http://fireflylearning.com/contact-us.


Last updated by J.Fincham Nov 2016