Blatchsix Open Evening 17/01/2017

Monday, 23 January 2017

Blatch 6 Open Evening

It’s that time of year where year 11 students are beginning to make decisions on their next steps after secondary school. We opened our doors to prospective sixth form students and their parents and carers to show everybody what we’re all about here at Blatchsix. With a fantastic turnout, the evening kicked off with speeches from Head Teacher Mr Harrold and Deputy Head of Sixth Form Mr Lindfield, who explained all about Blatchsix and what we offer.

‘There are many different things that make it an excellent place to study and learn, but most important for your success are the high quality teachers, lecturers and tutors, the bespoke and tailored style of learning with small class sizes and the caring and friendly atmosphere built by our student community’ – Mr A Harrold.

We have a wide range of courses to take at A- Level and BTEC which belong to three main schools: School of Social Science, School of Business and School of Creative Arts; last year, 70% of Blatchsix leavers went on to further education and 20% on to apprenticeships and employment which is much higher than the national average.

At Blatchsix there is a vibrant student community and plenty of extra-curricular activities and sociable opportunities.

Year 14 Student Governor, Jordyn, also gave a speech at the evening to give prospective students an insight into life at Blatchsix:

“One of the best things about Blatchsix is the support that you receive throughout the academic year. Coming from a much bigger college, this was used to my advantage to help me with UCAS deadlines. All the teachers here are actively involved with the student’s lives, making sure they are always up to date with work and more importantly, happy. Another advantage of coming to Blatchsix is that due to much smaller class sizes the teachers are more attentive and responsive to your personal and educational needs.

At the start of the year I was elected as Student Governor, this means that I go to meetings and pass on information from other students and myself that may be of concern. I also help set up charity events throughout the college to raise money for chosen charities.

Blatch 6 Open Evening

I came to Blatchsix after being at another college. This has allowed me to study and hopefully succeed at courses with the goal of getting into university. When I arrived I only vaguely knew three people but after a few days I made a lot of new friends within my classes and outside of them. I decided to take Law and IT AS and A2 in one year and I enjoy both my courses equally even though the workload can be quite heavy. However, there is always space available to complete college work in the Open Learning Area and the Resource Information Centre (Library).

The teachers are extremely helpful and reply to emails within a few hours to answer your questions about work. The help with UCAS is very attentive and the sixth form team gave up their free time to help every student who applied to university this academic year from reading personal statements and amending them in their own time, to the basics of filling out a UCAS form. For this I am extremely grateful and highly doubt I would have got into the universities that I had applied for without this support.”

The application deadline for Blatchsix is Friday 27th January and interviews will be held a couple of weeks later – good luck!