Blatch Student Wins Harlequins Jersey for Kindness

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Our year 8 rugby team were recently lucky enough to take part in a Harlequin’s Schools training day. The students firstly took part in training sessions where they learnt lots of new rugby skills before taking part in a tournament, where they faced a number of different schools.

Blatch got off to a shaky start with two narrow losses, before going on to achieve a win and a draw.

One of our students, Matt, said, ‘One of the many highlights for me was against Heathfield, when I side-stepped one of the opposing team players, who I’d tricked into thinking I was going one way, but went the other, so he ended up diving into space and falling flat into the mud. He looked like a tiger jumping and missing its prey!’

Out of over a hundred students who attended the training day, Matt was one of two players who were awarded a Harlequins jersey for kindness. Matt was awarded his for congratulating a year 7 student on his first-ever try – well done, Matt!

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