Blatch excels in Government League Tables

Monday, 23 January 2017

Blatchington Mill School is incredibly proud of the exam results which were yesterday confirmed in Government league tables. The way in which schools are judged has changed significantly and the most important factor is how much progress each individual student makes. This is reported as a measure called Progress 8. Using this new measure has shown that Blatchington Mill is among the best 18% of all schools nationally for student progress. This is a fantastic achievement and reflects a huge effort from students and staff. Our motto of ‘Involvement, Achievement, Care’ means that we believe in the potential of all young people to excel, and the school has demonstrated great ability to deliver on this aim.

We are also proud of the progress made by our disadvantaged students, who achieved a Progress 8 score of +0.16 – which was better than national non-disadvantaged students (+0.10) – meaning that our most vulnerable young people made better progress than all students nationally. Interestingly, the Government reported the success of grammar schools in promoting good progress for disadvantaged students, but the progress achieved by disadvantaged students at BMS was better progress than that made by disadvantaged students in grammar schools (0.13), proving Blatchington Mill is a fantastic place to learn and thrive academically.

Head Teacher Mr Harrold said “This is a wonderful validation of the work of staff and students. We believe passionately in getting the best out of every individual and progress made is a much better way to judge this. It just goes to show that comprehensive education can also be excellent education.”

The Chair of Governors, Peter Sowrey, commented, "I am really pleased to see the progress that students have been making at Blatchington Mill, particularly disadvantaged pupils. These results show that the school’s motto of Involvement, Achievement and Care is being consistently put into practice through the hard work of all the staff and is having a very positive impact on those students who attend the school.”

Full details of the school performance can be found on the school performance website, here:

Progress 8 Score