Blatch at the Bilingual School

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Last term Blatchington Mill students had the exciting opportunity to visit the Bilingual Primary School for the afternoon! Five of our bilingual (Spanish-English) and first language Spanish speaking students were able to visit four classes at the school, ranging from Years 1 to 6.

It was truly fascinating and engaging to be in such a truly bilingual learning environment- many of our students could not believe how much Spanish was spoken. The teachers and pupils at the Bilingual Primary School were equally excited for our visit and were incredibly welcoming. In the first, Year 6, class, Blatch students answered questions on secondary school life and the Spanish curriculum. For the rest of the afternoon our students worked as Teaching Assistants helping the younger students play games and do their work entirely in Spanish. In some cases, the primary pupils were preparing for their Spanish GCSEs!

A passion for language learning and embracing a multi-cultural world is clearly demonstrated by all at the Bilingual School, and our Spanish speaking students really relished the opportunity to share their language skills. We wrote a letter of thanks (in Spanish, of course!) to the school; we hope this is just the beginning!


Muchas Gracias!