Chemical Reactions

07 March 2017 - Science - Year 7

Miss Smith's Science classes created some excellent chemical reaction posters detailing the stages of combustion, see below for examples of fantastic project work and home learning!

'What does combustion need?'

'Fire comes from a chemical reaction between oxygen (in the atmosphere) and some sort of fuel like wood or maybe even gasoline'

'A chemical reaction might involve the temperature changing. Making a noise or turning into bubbles, liquid, gas, solid, going a different colour or having a PH change.'

'To test for hydrogen you have to do the sqeaky-pop test. This is when you put a metal in acid and close the lid, wait a few seconds then take the lid off and put a flame through the top. If it pops, then you have made Hydrogen.

'Metal ions burn with different colours, flame tests can be used to detect which metals are in a solution. These ions are also used in fireworks to make the different colours'