Best of Blatch Inset

Friday, 15 June 2018

This week we held our final INSET/staff training session of the year. The inset, Best of Blatch, was a chance for all teams: teaching, support and business to showcase areas of best practice from this academic year. It also gave us an opportunity to recognise the incredible contribution made to our school by different teams as well as individual members of staff.

The inset began with each area of the school running a stall in order to display ideas, hard work and share initiatives that had worked well for them over the school year.



Following this, we held our Best of Blatch awards ceremony!

This began with over 55 staff receiving certificates thanking them for running training workshops this year. These workshops included:

  • How to support SEND students
  • Effective feedback
  • What should assessment look like
  • Wellbeing in the Workplace


After this we took the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of individual members of staff and teams. The PE department took home the Care Award for always going the extra mile to support our students and giving their time to lead after school activities which help to develop leadership skills and resilience in our students.

The English team were the well-deserved winners of the ‘Team of the Year’ Award.

Our individual winners were Mr Fincham, who won the Achievement Award; Ms Kinnear, who took home the Involvement Award; and Mr Roberts, who was the recipient of the Mike Fawcett Award.

Last but not least, we had one member of staff who took home 2 awards! We were absolutely delighted to be able to present Mr Russell with the Transforming Lives Award, as well as the Blatchington Mill Fellowship Award. Mr Russell’s energy, optimism and care have inspired every member of the Blatch family, staff and students alike, and we were so pleased to have the opportunity to recognise the dedication he has shown our school.

Ms Thompson, Deputy Head Teacher, said: “This was our opportunity to recognise and thank all our colleagues for their hard work and commitment to staff training and our Blatch community. It was also a chance to highlight the achievements of some of our colleagues with these special awards.”

We’re so grateful to all our members of staff who have been working so hard to make this academic year yet another success for Blatchington Mill.