Brilliant Blatch Behaviour

Since September 2015 we have introduced a new behaviour system at our school with the aim of encouraging excellent behaviour, both in lessons and around the school . We have called this “Brilliant Blatch Behaviour!” Our desire is to encourage positive behaviour management and reward our students by specific praise for doing the right thing in the right way. It also incorporates a restorative justice element B3 so that the relationship between students and teachers can be repaired quickly and effectively after a behavioural incident . Each stage of the Behaviour System lets students know what we expect of them and what the consequences will be in following our behaviour code. Our students and staff have fed back to us how much they appreciate all parts of BBB.

Brilliant Blatch Behaviour Slide

Homework Heroes

“Brilliant Blatch Behaviour” is complemented by our “Homework Heroes” which aims to support our students in their approach to homework. This also follows a staged approach and begins with our expectation that our students can achieve their potential both in school and beyond.

Homework Heroes Slide

L.Thompson Dec 2015