Bali Rai Visits Blatch

Monday, 06 March 2017

Writer of young adult fiction novels Bali Rai, visited Blatch on Friday to spend time with year 9 students. Bali is an inspirational author who has enjoyed great success for many of his novels which are well received and widely read.  He is well known for his first novel, (Un) arranged Marriage which kicked off his writing career and then went on to write The Crew, Dream On and Rani & Sukh amongst many more.

Mr Rai was welcomed by students who were very much engaged by his talk on the importance of reading as a young person.  He also spoke about celebrating difference and equality – a common theme in many of his novels and something which is important here at Blatch, ending on a positive message to reflect upon over the weekend!

Mr Breckenridge, Head of English, said ‘Bali was a very inspiring speaker, and stressed the vital importance of reading and independent thinking with the year 9 students’.

After the talk, many students stayed behind at the end of the session to ask questions about his eventful career and reading suggestions! One student explained that she liked the way he spoke to the group, and how he spoke about subjects that really matter!

A great end to the week…

Bali Rai Visits Blatch

Thanks for coming, Bali!