Author Talk at Roedean

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

On Monday nine of our students attended an inspiring talk by Holly Smale, bestselling teen fiction writer and, more specifically, author of 'Geek Girl'. In the old reference library at Roedean school, sunlight streaming through the window, students listened eagerly to Holly re-tell her own childhood- from teaching herself to read using her favourite book 'The Faraway Tree'- to her subsequent realisation that she was a true geek, leading to several harrowing years at school as a victim of the school bully- and finally her departure from her brief (and fairly disastrous) modelling career into professional fiction writing.

Her manner was relaxed and her anecdotes amusing. She was flooded with questions at the end including several by our own students, including 'What is your most used word?' Blatch students chatted informally with Holly after the talk and took pictures.  Several students bought her book and read it all the way back to school.  Clearly students enjoyed the opportunity to 'step back' from school and English lessons, and learn from a real writer!

Students with Holly Smale

Students at Roedean

Students reading Geek Girl