Former Students

Blatchington Mill School and Sixth Form College was formed in 1979 from the amalgamation of Hove Grammar School for Boys, Knoll Boys School, and Nevill County Secondary School.

Are you an "old boy" from Hove Grammar School?

Visit the Hove Grammar School guest book to request or pass on information. The guest book will bring together extensive records of the old school from various sources:

Former students at Hove Grammar, Nevill School, Knoll Boys School, and Blatchington Mill School.

If you wish to be added to this list, please email [email protected], stating  the years you attended the school, and a little about what you are doing now.

Name Attended Current Information
Frank Langley Hove Grammar 1941 - 1947 Lived in Sydney, Australia since 1962. Graduated at Sydney Univ, and became Language teacher. Retired in 1989.
Benito Bruno Stratta (Ben) Hove Grammar 1943 - 1948 I played senior football for Southwick in the Sussex County League from 1954 - 1961 and then for Hove County Old Boys. l spent 33 years with Seeboard as an Administration Assistant before taking early retirement in 1992.
Maurice Arundel Hove Grammar 1944 - 1950 Emigrated to Australia after several years in MoD. After 3 years at Woomera moved to Canberra in 1970,  where I have lived ever since. Retired in 1997 after 5 years as Principal Advisor to Chief Defence Scientist for Space and Intelligence Issues.
Barry Solly Hove Grammar 1951 - 1958 Lived in Scandinavia since 1963.
Richard Exelby Nevill/Hove Grammar 1962 - 1968 Attended UEA, and has since been teaching at Danielsen Senior High School in Bergen Norway.
Raphael Szynowski Hove Grammar 1965 - 1972 Went to Leeds University, now working in the Civil Service.
Barry Potter Hove Grammar 1965 - 1972 Went to Oxford University to study Chemistry  (up to Ph.D level); did research in Germany and was a Lecturer at Leicester University; in 1991 became Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Bath. Now Professor at Oxford University and Fellow of University College, Oxford
William Keeping Hove Grammar 1967 - 1974 Living in Berkshire, working for Citibank since 1985.
Leroy Corney Knoll Boys School 1969 Currently living a reclusive life in Hervey Bay QLD (Whale Watching Capital of Australia) part time student at University of Southern QLD, studying BA of Human Services.
Andy Trott Nevill County 1969 - 1975 American Express (Risk Management). Now disabled with fractured spine.
Sue Law Nevill County Sec 1971 - 1978 Now Sue Rogers
Nick Byford (formerly Rothwell Nevill County Sec 1972 - 1977 Now living in Orne, Normandy interested in hearing from any others from same years
Tim Willson Hove Grammar 1973 - 1980 Living in Durham, North Carolina. Director of Throughput Chemistry with GlaxoSmithKline. Married to Marta.
Terry Darby Knoll Boys School 1974 - 1980 Living in Cornwall.
Tim Wareham Hove Grammar
1974 - 1981
Living near St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Has 2 children and works as a Business Writer with Optum, a health care services company.
Kevin Ward 1975 - 1979 BMS Photographic shop owner in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. Married with 3 children.
Brian Perkins 1979 - 1983 IT professional in New Jersey, USA. Married with 2 children.
Yusuf Desai 1979 - 1983 Network Engineer.
Fletcher Ng 1979 - 1984 Asia Pacific IT manager for a multinational in Hong Kong.
Rebecca Shoesmith 1980 - 1984 Studying for History Masters at Sussex University.
Ivan Lyons 1980 - 1985 Living in Hove, often seen running near the school. If I fail to represent Brighton in the 2012 Olympics will continue my day job as an Independent Financial Adviser.
Chris Pelka 1980 - 1985 now married to Adrian Burton,with 3 yr old son Jack. RGN in Yorkshire.
Amanda Glinsman 1982 - 1987 Working in Finance and Logistics for perfume company in London.
Paul Blagay 1982 - 1987 CEO Outcast Entertainment LLC, Utah.
Stephen Lyons 1982 - 1987 Living in Haifa, Israel. Married with 2 children. Teacher of English as a foreign language.
Elitsur Yaniv 1985 - 1987 Studying Biology at Tel-Aviv University, Israel.
Nick Packham 1985 - 1992 Community Support Officer, and Travel Presenter for Passion Radio.
Laurence Rickard 1986 - 1993 Writer/Performer/Producer of TV comedy for Sky and Channel 4.
Jay Jackson 1986 - 1994 Presenter Juice 107.2 FM.
Matt Rosine 1989 - 1994 Founder & Director of the Windy City Wanderers FC, Chicago's largest adult football Club.
Robyn Schonhofer 1988 - 1995 Newsreader with Virgin Radio.
Dan Towner 1988 - 1995 Married and living in Bristol. Working for microprocessor design company in Bath.
Kevin Lawton 1990 - 1995 MD of Trustco plc (IT Solutions).
Emma Ward 1990 - 1998 Graduated at Brighton Univ, now living in London, lecturing at Kensington & Chelsea College.
Jessica Taylor 1991 - 1996 Working at Caffyns, Worthing. Baby son called Bradley.
Abi Aicken 1991 - 1996 Working in IT industry. Baby daughter called Bayli.
Clare Rose 1993 - 1997 Working with disabled children in Social Services, Birmingham.
Michael Standing 1993 - 1997 Pro footballer with Bradford City FC.
Natalie French 1993 - 1998 Living in Wales with daughter Tiegan. Works as aux nurse at UHW, Cardiff.
Emma Groves 1993 - 1998 Working at American Express. Married in May 2003.
Ana Monteiro Rothen 1997 - 1998 Living in Brazil, working as a lawyer. Married in 2004.
Wai-Ling Tong 1992 - 1999 Research on Sea Bass at Royal Veterinary College.
David Green 1993 - 2000 Working at Kings College Hospital (Liver Unit).
Fiona McBride 1997 - 2002

Working in Human Resources, OPRA, Brighton, & attending Brighton University.

Sarah Hobden 2015 - 2017

Still living in Brighton, in a peaceful love relationship and happily and openly Autistic.