GCSE Results – Summer 2016

  • Blatchington Mill School is celebrating outstanding GCSE results, with every group making progress above the national standard.
  • 76% of all grades were a C or better, with 76% of students achieving at least 5 grades higher than a C.
  • Some of our students enjoyed excellent academic success with 45% of entries were awarded A* or A grades and 28% of students achieving over 5 A*/A each.
  • High quality teaching ensured that students made fantastic progress with a positive ‘valued added’ measure – meaning students made more progress at Blatch than others did nationally.
  • Students from disadvantaged backgrounds made better progress than ever – with a higher ‘value added’ score than other students – with Blatch promoting social mobility and high aspirations for all.

Progress figures - 2016 Results

Progress 8 by Group

Blatchington Mill students are celebrating excellent GCSE results for 2016. Students and staff have worked incredibly hard and have been rewarded with many success stories.

Excellence for all: 58% of students achieved at least one A or A* grade.

No child left behind: All students awarded at least 1 qualification.

Aiming beyond the minimum: The average student grade was a high C.

Closing the Gap: Students from disadvantaged backgrounds made higher than national progress.

Above national performance: All students made better progress from their relative starting points than national figures.

Best of the best: 16 students gained 10 or 11 straight A*/A grades.

Grade Distribution - 2016 Results

Grade Distribution

% of pupils making expected progress

Achieving Expect Progress

There were, as always, some exceptional individual performances. There are 16 students who achieved 10 A or A* grades; we would like to congratulate Hannah Sumner, Iona Watters, Josie Lambert, Rebecca Phillips, Ali Shihab, Lucy Sullivan-Allsop, Samuel Foulkes, Elsa Heath, Maya Frampton, George Joshi, Nicholas Collyer, Anna Cuthbertson, Millie Gregory, Lucas Hughes, Cerys Salkeld Green and Danny Lee.

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