Mad for Minecraft!

25 March 2015 - English - Year 9

This piece of work landed in my inbox quite randomly.  The author is a student from a class which can find English rather challenging, this student included.  I hadn't asked for a piece of descriptive writing; I hadn't asked for an independent piece of work at all!  That's why I was so pleased to see this piece of work when it arrived: it is the result of a student (who normally has to work quite hard with English) choosing independently to write and to pass it on to their teacher with a small sense of pride.  Great stuff.

Miss G Mitchell

Minecraft is a video game for all ages which incorporates fun, and blocky survival.

To play Minecraft you use the mouse to look around and brake blocks and place them. There are mini games on servers that people create and you can do factions which is survival with groups like friends or family. It is a very big game with millions of players and has been bought by Microsoft.  You have to craft to live; you have to punch down a tree to begin building.  There are mobs like creepers and spiders and skeletons and zombies and peaceful mobs like pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits and sheep.

You can get food from these and you can get apples and fish and all sorts of stuff and you can mod the game and add new stuff to make it different.  You can also install maps so you have to survive with one tree and a small bit of dirt.  The best tools you can get is diamonds.  The order goes wood, stone, iron and diamond. You can get modpack lunchers.  With the mod packs you can have new tools, become super heroes or fight new bosses.  With all the new things you can get things called lucky blocks which drop random things; this mod can be modded even more.