History - the Suffragettes

19 March 2015 - Humanities - Year 9

In Year 9 History, our class has been working on the campaign for voting (suffrage) rights for women. We have looked at the work of suffragists, and suffragettes, considered the choices made by the women (and men) that campaigned for this change, and reflected on the societal attitudes and political recalcitrance that slowed progress towards equality for women. We spent time studying the role of individuals within the movement, and built towards a key piece of work that looked at the years 1906-1913, and the near-misses of the campaigners in forcing a parliamentary change. The students worked particularly hard on considering the effectiveness of the campaigners techniques, weighing up the balance between direct and indirect protest and action, considering the rivalries and differences of opinion within the movement itself. The work concluded with a visual representation of the process of change, in the form of a rollercoaster. By displaying the change over time as an (emotional) rollercoaster, they conveyed their understanding of the frustration and increasing desperation of those campaigning for equality. The final work was of an excellent standard, and three examples from Tamsin, Laura, and Abi showcase this perfectly.
Mr Harrold


Abi constructed a fantastic rollercoaster, which conveyed well the mixed and increasingly volatile situation at this time. She added accurate and well considered extra detail beyond the source material given, and worked on this for roughly 100 mins.


Laura worked incredibly hard on her rollercoaster, and the end result was accurate and informed.


Tamsin was chosen as she took real care of her work, and used every second of her 100 minutes to ensure that it was the very best work it could be. The thought and analysis behind the structural design is evident.