Citizenship and Free The Children

20 March 2013 - Humanities - Year 11

In 2013, GCSE Students found themselves very much in the spotlight as they carried out the 'active' element of their Citizenship GCSE. The students chose to work with 'Free the Children,' an international charity and educational partnership. Not only did the students raise a considerable amount of money for their charity, they also worked tirelessly to raise awareness. They won scholarships to work in India, spoke at WE days, sharing the stage with the likes of Education Secretary, Michael Gove, and Prince Harry!

They also caught the eye of the national press, culminating in an interview feature in the Daily Telegraph. The reporter was especially moved by the passion and informed viewpoint of the students.

Led by their tutor, Ms Kay Johnston, the students made a significant difference to their own community - and the worldwide community - whilst completing their studies. It is a stellar example of students feeling engaged and being given practical ways to effect a better outcome. All the students who took part in this course felt that it made a difference to their approach in life and all agreed it was something they were going to take forward into their future careers and lives.

We will be watching their progress with great interest as they continue onto their future studies and careers. The reports charting their achievements can be read in the following news items: