BIMA's Digital Day @ Blatch, 2016

Tuesday, 03 January 2017

Last term, Tom Chute and Simon Cooke from ‘Pragmatic’ paid a visit to Blatch to work with some digitally savvy students from year 9, 10 and 11 to take part in the Brighton Interactive Media Association’s Digital Day. The focus of the day was to give students an insight into the digital careers world and to take part in a series of challenges aimed at inspiring young people to look towards promising careers in the ever expanding digital industry.

The students who took part in Digital Day were Blatchington Mill’s ‘Digital Leaders team’ who work to promote online safety to students in and around school - so they already knew a thing or two about the world of digital media! Olly from year 9 was one of the students taking part in the event and decided to write an account of what he and his fellow students got up to on Digital Day:

Students from all years came together for Digital Day in November. As the day started we were greeted by two lovely men, Tom and Simon, from a company called Pragmatic, a company who specialise in using WordPress to enhance the way international companies operate online. We began with a short presentation on Pragmatic; outlining what they do and the roles within the agency. We then discussed what the various jobs are that require technology and how these jobs have been on the increase in recent years as well as jobs that haven’t been invented yet. After a hard worked first two periods we packed up for break time.

Fresh minded after coming back from break, we went straight into random groups and chose an area for an idea for a game mobile app to counter some of Britain’s problems like saving money, cancer research and homelessness. All of the groups came up with incredible ideas that will revolutionise the world as we know it. We had various ideas from a Pokémon Go Style app showing how saving in real life will help you, to an app which helps homeless people find jobs regardless of their background. These ideas were well thought out, presented and clearly explained making a group a potential winner. With the school bell looming, we voted on a winner from the amazing ideas. In the end, the Pokémon Go style app teaching kids on saving, won by a close margin. A big thanks you to Tom and Simon for the day and for BIMA for the day.

Digital Day

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